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Sanjay Patel
Debut Appearance Brett Venom MD
Voice Maulik Pancholy
Enemies Mr. Noodman
The Dicksons (At Times)

Sanjay Patel is the main protagonist of Nickelodeon's television show, Sanjay and Craig. As a twelve-year old, Sanjay is an energetic and curious tween ready to endure any adventure that his pet snake, Craig, and himself face. Though Sanjay may not understand what the penalty of some of the situations Craig and him face, he will always find a way to fix the situation at hand.


As the theme song states, Sanjay was searching for a pet at the local pet store. In the store, he finds a talking snake named Craig, and they immediately become best friends. Now, both of them find themselves in crazy antics and adventures that place them in the face of trouble...and danger.


Sanjay is a mulatto-colored twelve year old male, due to his mother being Caucasian and his father being of Indian descent. He has a fairly abundant amount of black hair and black eyebrows. Sanjay has a white shirt, black shorts, and black shoes. He has black pupils as well. His arms are quite skinny along with his legs.


Brett Venom MD

Sanjay is first seen in the episode, Brett Venom MD, the first episode of the series. Sanjay's mother informs him of a gluteus maximus transplant at her medical employment that afternoon. Intrigued, Sanjay and Craig go to the hospital to see the transplant. Numerous obstacles, mainly avoiding Sanjay's mother, perturb them, though they finally see the "butt" transplant performed by the mother herself.


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